Wedding Cake Themes a Kaleidescope of Colors


Indian Dream Wedding Cakes are Jewel tones and Bright

Indian Dream Wedding Cakes are Jewel tones and Bright

Exotic, romantic, splendid and lingering are words which well describe the traditional Indian wedding cake.Wedding Cake Themes a Kaleidoscope of Colors in beautiful bold colors, artistic splendor is its trademark to a rapidly growing popularity with Western brides. Learn of the crown jewel of India, a wedding cake which may very well put all the other wedding cakes to shame.

Who can doubt that the most looked forward to event of any formal wedding is the cutting and eating of the wedding cake. However, Indians have taken the traditional Indian wedding cake presentation to the next level higher than most wedding planners have in Western culture.

Typically, Indians look not only to the traditional Indian wedding cake as a pastry delight of which to part-take, but part of the elaborate wedding decorations and a wedding’s spectacular highlight.

But first, let us examine what makes the traditional Indian wedding cake so very special.

The Traditional Indian Wedding Cake and Its Ingredients

Actually, there is no basic difference between the ingredients used in the West and the ones traditionally used by Indians.

However, many Indians delight in having a wedding cake made up of banana chocolate. Others prefer pineapple and assorted fruit including mango. Many Indians also prefer to go by whatever regional specialty is traditional such as from the Punjab region or Deli. However, typically, the most distinguishing characteristics of the traditional Indian wedding cake points to its very intricate design.

Having said that, the ingredients must then lend themselves to being finely sculptured by even finer tools and instruments without losing their firmness and desired palatable consistency.

White chocolate and butter cream is a primary decorative ingredient. However, other decorations are sculpted with edible gold used as trimming.

Another primary ingredient is the use of marzipan or almond paste; used to form magnificent elephants, which are objects of worship for many Indians. In other wedding occasions, the national bird of Indian, which is the peacock, has its feathers painted with colored chocolate.

Wedding Themes and A Kaleidescope of Colors

At a time when some Western wedding cakes display the boorish, dull cartoon characters of The Simpsons or Spiderman, Indians are world-renown for their splendid themes. While not adhering to any one particular theme, the traditional Indian wedding cake will many times match a particular wedding theme, such as the magnificent TajMajal or Maharajah themes. Generally designed with a white-based frosting and edible gold leaves and trimming, TajMajal themes have also proved to be very popular with western wedding planners.

When Indian wedding cakes are not sculpted in white for a Maharajah theme, they excel in bright, bold and vibrant colors. Burnt orange and/or red color designs come to the forefront as primary colors. However, blue-colored cakes are also used as in the design of peacock or elephants contrasting blue and white frosting or trimming schemes.

Exotic, romantic, splendid and lingering are words which well describe the traditional Indian wedding cake. Beauty, bold colors, artistic splendor is its trademark to a rapidly growing popularity with Western brides.


Indian Wedding Trends for 2013

Indian Wedding Trends for 2013, Lehenga Choli is in integral part of Indian bride’s attire. Being the most favorite bridal dress, lehenga has seen a revolutionary changes with time. Lehenga Choli is in Indian tradition since ancient times and you will see young brides sporting it most often. Although, you will see a different patterns in different regions still the work remains awesome. Not only brides but bridesmaids also wear these cool wedding lehengas on different occasions.

Salwar Kamez is in fashion and many young brides are opting to wear Salwar Kamez instead traditional Bridal Lehenga’s or Bridal Saree’s. Best part about these Bridal Salwar Kamez is that they look elegant, stylish, comfortable yet have all the charms required for traditional Indian wedding. Not only brides but bridesmaids, friends and family members can wear Salwar Kamez to make the moment different yet stylish.

Indian Sherwani designs are most loved sherwanis worldwide. These sherwani makes the bridegroom look stylish, elegant yet traditional. In past mostly sherwani’s were red in colors but many designers have experiment with vibrant colors, patterns, Embellishment Work in Bareilly to make these Designer Sherwani, Sherwani Suits look perfect for those special days. Here are some traditional, stylish and trendy men’s Sherwani Designs.



Indian Dream Wedding World

See with your Heart and Not with your Head





You don’t lose anything by learning to follow your heart, except fear.

So here are 5 ways to start living a more joyful life.

1. Write down what brings you joy and what makes your heart sing and make a point of doing more of it.

Your heart doesn’t want to hate anyone. So let go of the stories that your head tells you about other people and see them from your heart’s point of view. You just might learn something and make some new friends.

2. Get out in the sunshine. 

Hug a tree, lie in the grass and watch the clouds, marvel at the milky way, go for a hike – just get outside and show mother nature you love and appreciate her and you’ll feel a million times better for it.

3. Create space in your life to daydream, rest and sleep. 

Inspiration comes when your logical mind is quiet and the myriad of worries, concerns and fears have subsided for a while.

4. Walk around with your eyes, mind and heart open. 

Notice your inner dialogue and how quickly it negatively judges things, people and life in general. It’s about being open to lots of new possibilities that are right in front of us, yet we can’t see them because the voice in our ‘head’ is too loud.

It’s not being selfish to feel good, because when you feel good other people get to benefit in so many different ways.

5. See with your heart and not with your head. 

Following your heart is not about avoiding life, it’s about living a life that is more you.  A life that feels right, a life that feels natural and a life that you love living.


When you seek happiness for OTHERS, you will find it yourself.” Wayne Dyer We will find happiness the moment we stop to see the self a ...

When you Seek Happiness for Others, you will find it yourself

 “When you SEEK HAPPINESS for yourself, it will always elude you.

                                                               When you seek happiness for OTHERS,  you will find it yourself.”  Wayne Dyer

We will find happiness the moment we stop to see the self as self, the moment we start to see ourselves as being one with the whole world.

 No matter where you are and no matter what you do, how you look and how much or less you have, If you are not happy in that situation, you will not be happy with what you have, who you are, then you won’t be happy if you change the environment, your looks, job, partner and friends. Why not laugh at your own imperfections and not take yourself or your life too seriously!

 Also, practicing forgiveness can free up a tremendous amount of energy and vitality, not to mention joy and happiness! To be imperfect, to make mistakes, to be flawed, weak and afraid is simply part of being human.

 You may try to convince yourself into thinking otherwise, but in the end, you will go back to feeling the way you did. You need to discover that happiness is not outside yourself. Happiness is and will always be present within ourselves, and will come to the surface the moment we decide to be true to ourselves, the moment we no longer think in terms of ME, I and MINE, but rather in terms of US and WE, knowing that we are all one, and that we are all together in this journey called life.


According to scientists, happiness is a very desirable state: the evidence shows that happy people live longer than depressed people, are healthier, more resilient, and perform better than others. Professor Diener of the University of Illinois says, “In one study, the difference in life span was nine years between the happiest group and the unhappiest group, so that’s a huge effect.

Author: Ellen Rose





Indian Dream Wedding World

Indian Dream Wedding World


Indian Dream Wedding World

Indian Dream Wedding World


Indian Wedding

True Joy Comes From Within


DWW Dream Indian Wedding World South Florida -31

Dream Indian Wedding World South Florida

Living in the present does not mean that you should not have goals. You must have an aim, a purpose to your life but do not associate your happiness with your goals. True joy comes from within. When you have inner peace and strength you achieve your goals without struggling through life. Instead of saying, “When I am wealthy, I will be happy” say instead, “I am grateful and happy NOW that I am prosperous and abundant”.

You are living in this world so you must have things to make life comfortable for you and your family. Spiritual enlightenment does not mean that you should start living in a cave and give up all your worldly possessions. You should have abundance in all areas of your life be it spiritual or financial. What you should understand is that you own the things and it is not the things that own you. Meaning you should not get unduly attached to your material possessions, your happiness should not depend on them. If you lose them you should not feel that your life is over.

Some people think that their happiness lies in what they have or could have. If their beloved possessions are taken away from them they feel that they can not go on with their lives. True joy comes from within, while others who possess inner strength not only acquire back what they lose but become even more prosperous than before. These courageous people understand that their power is not in any external thing but it is within their own selves.

When you are on a quest of true happiness, you should avoid “if only” fantasies. For example a person says that if he gets a new car he will be happy. He gets a new car but his happiness is short lived. He finds that his friend is driving a better car. He wishes for a more expensive car to be happy. He gets that too but then he sees something better which someone else has and his happiness turns in to longing for something else. He is in a constant state of “wanting” and unhappiness.

When you feel that you are in a habit of wanting what you do not have instead of what you do have, when you see the grass in other pastures as greener only because it is in the other pasture, confront it. You must challenge this feeling by realizing that when you have these kinds of envious thoughts you are not in the present moment. What you are doing is letting energy leak to a future that does not exist. You should not loose power over what ifs of your life. These are endless. Understand the power of “now”. Keep your power in the present time.

Take a look at your life. Remember the last time you bought something. Let’s say it is a house. There is a concept called “hedonic adaptation”—the brain’s natural dimming effect, which guarantees that a new house wont generate the same pleasure a year after its purchase or the thrill of having a new boyfriend or girlfriend will diminish as you get used to being part of a couple. Happy people know this that is why they keep renewing their lives by continually taking on new challenges and fulfilling their sense of purpose in life.

We are surprisingly bad at predicting what will make us happy. A high powered career might in fact turn out to be unfulfilling; a committed relationship once longed for could end up being irritating with all the compromising that comes with having a partner. It is hard to let go of dreams even if they have turned sour. In situations like these always remember that you are not what you do for a living, you are not the things you own and you are not the other half of another person. Life is, you are and things happen. Don’t harbor feelings of anger, unjustness and unfairness.

It doesn’t mean you are a failure, it is just a life experience and that is ALL it is. There is a reason behind it and if you face it with the intention of learning from it with wisdom and courage, it could be a turning point in your life. It could turn in to the best thing that could happen to you. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to. Let go and you will make room for something better.

It is your birth right to live in joy and be happy. You can have a constant feeling of peace and happiness when you move towards your higher self rather than your personality. I have talked about this concept quite a few times in my other articles. As I have said before, your personality is just your base exterior and your real self is hidden beneath it. When you are entirely dependent upon the abilities of your personality to determine what is best for you, you may block the way for richness that awaits you. When you realize who you really are you will not over value the external furnishings. If you act according to the advice of your higher self or intuition in every thing you do, you will be successful in fulfilling all your life purposes.

You can not be truly happy unless you completely TRUST the Universe or God or Divine Intelligence or whatever is your preferred term. Trusting means that the situation you are in is working towards your best and most appropriate end. You should not have any doubt about it. You must know that all power is with you, every second of your life. You may not see it now but that is not important. You must know and believe that all the pieces of the puzzle (that is your life) will fall in to place at the right time. Trust the Universe and your  intuition to guide you towards true happiness.



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